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About Us

Paramount Energy Pte Ltd

Paramount Energy Pte Ltd, headquartered in Singapore, is primarily engaged in the trading of oil, petroleum products, and investments in energy-related ventures.

It is our mission at Paramount Energy to combine strategic trading with service excellence that will enable us grow with our customers. The team at Paramount Energy possess diversified experience in the oil industry and is ever ready to adapt to meet the requirements of the customers.


Our Vision

"To be an innovative energy partner/ lubrication solution partner, delivering sustainable value and industry leading performance."


Our Mission

"To deliver world-class sustainable and integrated energy solutions. We do so by striving for excellence in operations, innovation and happiness for our employees, customers and partners."

Our Values

Teamwork - Working together by sharing ownership, responsibilities and outcomes.

Integrity - Being honest, truthful, reliable and fair while dealing with all stakeholders.

Transparency - Being open, straightforward and consistent in all we do by communicating with clarity, simplicity and precision.

Respect - Acknowledge, recognize, and value all stakeholders.

Customer Focus - Position customer first in all that we do.

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